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Capable Lover

A cocktail selection from Cave des Montagnes

Capable Woman
NECTAR semi-dry

This cocktail is a bomb with fruity notes. It highlights the suppleness and roundness of the cuvée FEMME CAPABLE NECTAR. It contains several fruits that enhance the notes as well as liqueurs that allow the aromas to volatilize so that they can be better absorbed. appreciated. A CAPABLE WOMAN likes to be appreciated.


  • Put the pieces of fruit, lightly flattened beforehand, in a large wine glass and add the liqueurs.
  • Then add the sparkling FEMME CAPABLE NECTAR and stir the mixture
  • Add ice cubes and garnish with a few mint leaves.
  • All that’s left is to serve it with love and care. attention.
  • 2 strawberry halves
  • 4 raspberry halves
  • 6 blueberry halves
  • 1 persimmon fruit blade
  • 5 ml cherry liqueur
  • 10 ml peach liqueur
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