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Sensational wines with typical characteristics
and unique identities

Our origins

CAVE DES MONTAGNES’ philosophy is based on creating a bridge between the wine and its taster. The aim is to go beyond the three known senses of wine (its nose, color and palate) to create a fourth: its human values. To achieve this, the company seeks out exceptional terroirs to produce wines with unique characteristics and identities, just like each human being. These terroirs are found on mountains, because wine is the earth and wine is also the sun. It shines best on hills with good slopes. Hence the name CAVE DES MONTAGNES.

Our vineyards

Our vineyards, characterized by sandy-loam soils and slopes with a gradient of over 40%, grow mainly Pinot Noir in a warm, temperate climate, lulled by the cadence of cool nights and perfectly sunny days in southern Germany, more precisely in the German wine-growing region known as WÜRTTEMBERG. On these highly privileged sites, where grapes ripen in perfect conditions, soils vary, even between two neighboring plots. This translates into major differences in the typicity of our wines, even though they are all made from the same grape variety, Pinot Noir. It’s this wealth of wine typicity that enables us, thanks to careful blending, to produce wines that reflect our passionate tasters.

Experienced creative hubs

Growth, maturation
and cellar vinification

Our know-how

For us, know-how is the sum total of methods, practices and experiences that enable us to accompany grapes through a natural transformation, from their creation via growth, maturation and vinification in the cellar, to produce wines of the utmost elegance and finesse. Our know-how is based on 4 key areas: vine care, vinification, blending and finishing.


“Before taking care of the tree, you have to take care of its roots”. The vine is the genesis of wine, the foundation. A great wine is made from healthy grapes. To achieve this, we use organic practices where necessary to preserve the environment in which the vines can flourish. This is the case with the pheromone diffusion bulbs we hang near the vines, so as to diffuse scents that scare away certain pests, instead of eliminating them with chemical products.


Winemaking is the soul of the winemaker. It is through this process of transforming grapes into wine that the winemaker imbues his final product with his know-how. Our team of winemakers has over 35 years’ experience in the field. Thanks to this long experience, the perfect temperature and soundproofing of our cellar, state-of-the-art control equipment and ionic fermentation tanks that preserve freshness, our wines are able to express the signature of each parcel.


Blending is at the heart of our art. It’s at this stage that the wines, vinified separately for each plot, are blended in the right proportions to obtain balanced blends that reflect the man’s values: works of art.


Finishing is the apotheosis of our cellar practices. It allows our still wines to mature for months in complete serenity in order to preserve their balance. It is also at this stage that our sparkling wines develop thanks to the famous traditional bottled method, i.e. a second fermentation in the bottle to obtain fine bubbles. These bottles are passionately cherished and handled through manual riddling and disgorging at the to obtain a clear, healthy liquid in a healthy bottle. the image of a healthy mind in a healthy body.
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